Cyclone Finance Launch Phase 2

Cyclone Finance
2 min readMar 4, 2021

🌪➡️➡️ Cyclone Finance Pre-Sale Phase 2: Unicrypt Initial Liquidity Offering

➡️Pre-Sale LINK:

➡️Ticker: yCLN
➡️Blockchain: BEP-20
➡️ 90% BNB raised liquidity lock — 265 Years lock duration
➡️Public — Open to anyone
➡️Softcap — — 15 BNB
➡️Hardcap — -170 BNB
➡️Max spend per account — — 4 BNB
➡️Presale price — — 10,000 yCLN / per BNB
➡️Listing price — — 5,000 yCLN / per BNB

⭕️In order to provide more security to our investors we spent last 2 days researching ways to lock the liquidity automatically after pre-sale is done and also directly list the coin on Pancake Swap Decentralized Exchange. We finally found Unicrypt.Network which is a reputable project in the Ethereum blockchain.

⭕️By using Unicrypt Initial Liquidity Offering we are now sure that their smart contract will LOCK our liquidity completely for 265 YEARS and burn any additional coins that remained.

⭕️Their contract also automatically lists the coin on PCS right after Hard Cap is reached or after 14 days with only the soft cap raised. Since we started a Bounce Pre-Sale, tomorrow we will have to claim the remaining yCLN from the Pre-Sale there and we will burn 2,250,000 yCLN and provide you guys with the transaction proof for that.

⭕️We are doing this so that you know that the only yCLN we are holding are the ones we reserved for marketing and promotion and is less than 10% of the entire supply. After the burn happens everybody can rest assured that this project is SCAM FREE and transparent.💥💥

➡️We hope our community can help us reach at least our 15 BNB target so we can see the Cyclone listed on Pancake Swap 🙏🌪🌪🌪








Cyclone Finance

Cyclone Finance ($CLN) is a frictionless yield farming token that distributes 1.5% of every tx to holders.