Cyclone Finance Community Update #6

Cyclone Finance
4 min readApr 23, 2021

New Vaults with Verified Contracts and AI Audit. Main Website Upgrade

1. Vaults

Like we promised in our last update we introduced new vaults on

For each of the Vaults we added we want to list the contract addresses plus an Audit made by a AI app.

0x3ac70D5a6474F51C037755B44B2cD731d38bE072 — Magnetic Vault BGO-BUSD

0x3c7f313173C69192A01FC193912b65ee7d53379b — Magnetic Vault MASH-BUSD

0xD544462f5AD00374510BFcE2E575bA6708EF3098 — Magnetic Vault MASH-BNB

0xcdEC2Ca4D3663e2a7e078c7d2DE202E231852eb0 — Magnetic Vault Slime-BUSD

0xb37e8cd2C7e38D5fBeA723294fa4d87c86F07874 — Magnetic Vault Slime-BNB

xBLZD will migrate back to v1 and we consider their farms are too unstable being moved from v1 to v2 back to v1 so we will take them out for good.

We used (audit by sourcecode)for our audit on each Vault. As you can see there is a low risk error about the Callstack Depth Attack which was already fixed by Ethereum developers and is no longer able to exploit. We endorse all our users to check the contracts themselves too. Furthermore, we used same smart contracts architecture like Beefy Finance which has the vaults audited by CertiK.

The new vaults present opportunities for our users to invest in new coins that offer higher APYs because they are newer and auto-compound all their rewards automatically.

2. Main Website Upgrade

We tried to make the our main website more appealing, with less useless information and more straight to the point. We made the buttons a bit more visible and also added the Chart on the main webpage for fast access.

3. NFT Farm

For the NFT part of our project we already started to design 200 NFTs that will only be available in our NFT Farms. After we finish the first 10 we will deploy our first Farm and start with the NFT Farming. Our community will be able to stake yCLN to get Special Points on Unifty that users will be able to use for buying our Special NFTs Collection based on code Shaders.

One example (NOT a part of our Collection)

We wish to design something special that will gain value overtime and will be sellable on the NFT Marketplaces. We will rush the development of the first 10 NFTs so we can start faster and integrate the farm in our Website (ETA 2–5 days).

Our team also wishes to apologize for the delay of the developments but we wish t do everything properly.

4. New Developments, Roadmap and White Paper

We are planning to make our White Paper and add it to the main page in our next update and maybe add a Swap interface for Pancake on it too so people can easily swap their tokens from our website.

We updated the RoadMap we had on the website with this Milestones List that shows the active progress and achievements of the projects. This way we can keep track of what needs to be done and also easily communicate with our users.

Our Donation Address is still active for anybody who wishes to contribute:

Marketing & Promotion Donation Address: 0xd8e0d8e5adcbfff050c3c990d7cfc1632cf63a81

If anybody from our community has more suggestions or wish to help with marketing and promotion please DM @dread13 on Telegram.

As you can see on the list we have many more things planned and we wish to revitalize the Cyclone Ecosystem on a weekly basis. Please feel free to communicate any suggestion you guys have on our Telegram Group.

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Cyclone Finance

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